Ocean Blue manufactory located in Quang Phu Industrial Park in Quang Ngai province in 1.2 hectares with 800 tons product freeze storage capacity. This is the first factory of OB Group in early days in Quang Ngai province. The 2nd factory is located next to Thuan Phuoc fishing port, in Tho Quang industrial park in Da Nang City, it is convenient to purchase seafood stably from local fishermen to satisfy partner demand increasing. The core exported products of these factory including: tuna, sailfish, and so on; and have exported to Australia, Japan and the EU market.

Based on Quang Nam’s economic development strategy for poverty remote area, OB Group has responded and participated in supporting local people in Hiep Duc and Phu Ninh district to afforest. Then OB Group will purchase wood to help them to increase income, these districts will be the main raw material zone for 2 woodchip factories with 600,000 tons/year capacity located on 16 hectares area.

Construction investment project and fishing port improvement in one of Central region’s province with the aim to support exporting needs increasing by corporations; and enable economic-society development such as: seafood purchasing from local and neighborhood fishermen to make sure they can do offshore fishing, and it will be safe place to anchor boats during rainy season. Besides that, in fisheries service zone we offer variety of services related to fishing, as well as seafood processing factory with 2 hectares area.

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