Based on one of three developed principles by Chairman, we are always considering about social community benefits including local economic development supports and climate change. Beside exporting woodchip and mineral, we also have another project as protective afforestation in large area. In addition, with more than 10 years experience about processing and exporting seafood created brand positioning with strong financial firm. Our foreign partners are businesses in different countries such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan, the USA and some EU.

Construction Investment

Infrastructure construction investment is one of the OB Group’s sustainable development strategy during this period. Additionally we recognized that business development always related to local economic development, particularly in disadvantaged areas. We have oriented marine port and fisheries services zone; and trading services complex at border gate are social benefit projects. However these projects will be economically feasible and strategic projects for future.

Tourism and Hospitality

Based on tourism and hospitality market trend and market needs including Quang Ngai local people, OB Group has decided to invest in tourism and hospitality industry with Ocean Blue Convention Center for conference and wedding, coffee garden in the city central. Moreover, Nui Sua eco-tourism and hospitality services mountain park project is creating OB Group brand in tourism and hospitality services. This project locating next to Tra Khuc river bank and providing kid garden, pub/bar (3,000 m2), karaoke, massage and around 50 hotel rooms in order to meet the increasing demand of local, domestic and international travelers.

Petrol and Transportation

This business field is considering as logistics supporting projects for other scopes of OB Group, such as: fisheries services zone , two exported woodchip factories, and mining. To satisfy other project needs of OB Group, customers needs, and creating competitive advantage, we delivery petrol on land with petrol station and in the sea with offshore refueling facilities.