Moi Truong Xanh Quang Nam

Moi Truong Xanh focusing on fuel suppling, mechanic additives and necessaries for inshore and offshore fishing boat around Quang Nam and Quang Ngai province. Moi Truong Xanh providing services related to marine logistics supply chain of group, supporting for offshore fishermen, and also assisting member companies in refueling for dredging boats.

Truong Giang Xanh

Identifying Quang Nam province demand in different issues during innovation period as: trade development, logistics, tourism and cultural exchanges along Truong Giang river area; based on this market needs, Truong Giang Xanh has newly built 8 river dredging boats suit to natural conditions of Truong Giang river. With professional and experience staffs, we have been providing various services related to rivers and seaports dredging. We always improving service quality and also diversifying product packages to enhance customer satisfaction, we purpose to become one of the leading dredging companies in the Central of Vietnam region.

Tan Dung Quat

The main activities of Ta Dung Quat are petrol supplying and warehouse services to support all Group member companies and the traditional partner needs. Company motto is also competitive strategy in during development period with “product and service quality improvement, and reasonable prices”; we are confident to be one of the best petrol providing and warehousing service company in Dung Quat Economic Zone, contributing to business modern style and the region development.

Truong Phu Xanh

Trương Phu Xanh was established for Quang Nam projects development as trading services complex at border gate, processing and exporting woodchips, mining, real estate investment and so on. This company will be a strategic member company of OB Group strategy in next coming period, and also supports corporate projects nearby Quang Nam province. We have built a dynamic, creative team with professional working environment, efficient to satisfy national and international customers needs.